Justin (jjrjustin) wrote in ne_anime_club,

Anime/Gaming Marathon

On April 30 at Abrahams Library (90th and Fort in Omaha) from 10 to 6 I will be holding a gaming and anime event in the meeting room. There will be a few gaming tourneys featuring Smash Bros. Melee, Tekken 5, Katamari Damacy and Halo 2. There will be a few prizes for the tourney, however at this time I cannot announce anything. :/

In addition, there will be some anime played at the event as that is something I do well too. =)

Admission is totally free, however each of the gaming tourneys will have an entry fee to cover some of the prizes.

There will be some anime freebies including shirts, graphic novels and DVDs at the event too. =)

Posters and whatnot will be out later this week as well as reg forms too. =) (if you register before the event - even for the anime showings, you will get a freebie bag of goods)

Comments, suggestions, questions and gripes are all welcomed and encouraged.

More info in the coming weeks. =)

Justin Richardson
Organizer, Otaku Omaha
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