Justin (jjrjustin) wrote in ne_anime_club,

Omaha Anime Club Meetings Updated

I thought I would update people on what is going on in Omaha in regards to the anime community.

Otaku Omaha has started to show at a new library in town (Swanson Library - located at 90th and Dodge) and I just posted on our website all the showings through mid 2005. (its pretty much biweekly between 12 and 6) You can find the listing here

I will also announce that over the next couple months I will be giving away a ton of DVDs and Graphic Novels that I have recieved recently as promos. (hey - freebies are not the same thing as a bribe to come, its just a perk *laughs*)

I hope to see a few of you there at some of our showings!
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